Flexible Busbar

Flexible Busbar

Phynyx solutions in Precision Stamping and CNC Multi-Slide forming satisfies the exacting Busbar design and use in single or multiple conductor applications. Our designs and builds tooling to produce customized busbar solutions that enable tight tolerance specifications for busbar performance and automatic assembly needs. Phynyx's CNC Multi-Slide forming enables a complex busbar design that requires multiple axes bending, forming, and twist profile that is needed for numerous continuous power connections required in today’s tight-spaced, high-performance engines. In addition, minimum or zero material waste can be achieved, reducing your product cost.

Phynyx's Expert Engineering and Design Support team can also assist you in the fabrication of other custom busbar options such as:
  • Custom Copper Bus Bar fabrication
  • Flexible Insulated Copper Bus Bar
  • Insulated Copper Bus Bars
More Information
  • Complete product ready to fit
  • Durable, heavy-duty assembly

  • Robust design for power applications

  • Custom made to meet specific performance criteria

  • Manufacture to drawing or replicate an existing product

  • Available with various forms of insulation as appropriate

  • Low resistance heavy duty terminations

Typical Uses
  • Heavy-duty power interconnection
  • Overcome vibration/alignment problems
  • Expansion joints
  • Variable terminating positions
Material Choice
  • Electro tin-plated copper
  • Plain copper
  • Nickel-plated copper
  • Alternative non-ferrous & ferrous materials on request 
flexible busbar