Custom Replacement Carbon Brush Holders

Engineered for Top Performance and Durability

At Phynyx Industrial, we specialize in crafting a diverse range of brush holder assemblies, precisely customized to accommodate various brush types and applications. Our dedicated experts are ready to assist you in discovering the ideal brush holder solution tailored to your specific needs, whether you require carbon brushes, electrical brushes, motor brushes, brushes for motors, DC motor brushes, or any related components. Our experts are here to help you find the perfect brush holder solution. Contact us or request a quote today!

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Single Pocket Carbon Brush Holders by Phynyx
Single Pocket Carbon Brush Holders
Multi-Pocket Carbon Brush Holders by Phynyx
Multi-Pocket Carbon Brush Holders
Tandem Carbon Brush Holders by Phynyx
Tandem Carbon Brush Holders
Multi-Flange Carbon Brush Holders by Phynyx
Multi-Flange Carbon Brush Holders
Clamp Carbon Brush Holders by Phynyx
Clamp Carbon Brush Holders
Leg Carbon Brush Holders by Phynyx
Leg Carbon Brush Holders
Plugin Carbon Brush Holders by Phynyx
Plug-in Carbon Brush Holders
Multi-Flange Carbon Brush Holders by Phynyx
Carbon Brush Holder Springs
Phynyx mfg of Carbon Brush Holders for Electrical Motors and Generators
Phynyx Industrial Carbon Brush Holder Assembly
Carbon Brush Holder Assembly

Carbon Brush Holder & Springs

Experience Peak Performance with our Advanced Carbon Brush Holders

Experience Optimal Efficiency With Our Cutting-Edge Carbon Brush Holders
Are you on the lookout for top-tier carbon brush holders designed to maximize brush life and deliver exceptional technical performance? Look no further! Phynyx Industrial is your go-to destination. Our approach integrates unparalleled technical expertise with a commitment to superior customer service, ensuring you receive innovative solutions that surpass industry standards.

Our designs are meticulously crafted to optimize brush life, enhancing brush contact with the commutator and improving electrical conductivity. This directly translates to less downtime, increased productivity for your machinery, and prolonged brush life. For electric motor brushes that perform at their best, our advanced carbon brush holders are the answer.

We pride ourselves on swift production, a comprehensive stock of parts, and efficient delivery services to meet your specific requirements promptly. Whether you need a carbon brush holder, holder carbon brush, or carbon brush and holder combination, we have you covered with a wide array of quotable holders and components, designed to enhance your equipment's performance.

Our manufacturing is proudly based in India, adhering to ISO 9001-2015 certification, assuring you of the highest industry standards for quality and reliability. Choose Phynyx Industrial for technically superior carbon brush holders that stand out in terms of precision, performance, and longevity.

For technically superior carbon brush holders that offer unmatched performance, precision, and reliability, choose Phynyx Industrial. Contact us or request a quote to discuss your technical needs and experience the difference in your operations!

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10+ years of experience

Large Stock of Holder Designs

Constant force springs for carbon brush holders

​High-Performance Constant Force Springs assemblies

Constant Force Spring assemblies by Phynyx
We manufacture advance constant force springs that are specifically designed to elevate the performance of carbon brush holders. Our springs offer a host of exceptional features, ensuring superior functionality and longevity.

Optimized Spring Pressure for Improved Contact: Our constant force springs are engineered to provide the ideal spring pressure, which translates to better and more consistent brush contact with the commutator. This optimized contact enhances electrical conductivity and minimizes the risk of performance disruptions.

Extended Brush Life and Enhanced Performance: With increased spring force, our constant force springs effectively reduce electrical brush wear. This not only extends the lifespan of your carbon brushes but also enhances their overall performance. Experience less downtime and improved efficiency with our springs.

Effortless Replacement for Increased Safety: Unlike traditional springs, replacing our constant force springs is a hassle-free process. It's not only easy but also safer, ensuring that your maintenance tasks are quick and secure.

Elevate the reliability and performance of your carbon brush holders with our superior constant force springs. Contact us or request a quote today to explore how our innovative solutions can benefit your operations. Trust us for quality, reliability, and seamless performance.