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Phynyx Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd.: Your source for swift delivery of Stock Springs or Custom-Made to Your specifications.

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India's Premier Source for Quality Stock and Custom Springs

Based in the bustling city of Mumbai, Phynyx Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd. stands as a prominent supplier of both off-the-shelf and tailor-made springs. With over a decade of excellence, the Phynyx Industrial brand has emerged as a global leader in spring manufacturing. Our legacy spans more than 10 years, marking us as a trusted name worldwide.

Our expansive catalog comprises an array of over 25,000 stock springs, ready for immediate dispatch. Beyond this, we excel in crafting custom springs, wire forms, stampings, and fourslide parts, precisely designed to your specifications. This diverse range equips us to serve a wide spectrum of industries, solidifying Phynyx Industrial as the preferred spring supplier across India.

Over 25 locations served globally

10+ years of experience

Large Stock of Spring Designs

Need a custom spring?

Certainly, here are the advantages of our custom spring manufacturing services presented in point format:

    • Tailored Precision: We excel in crafting custom springs to exact specifications, ensuring they perfectly fit your project requirements.
    • End-to-End Engineering Support: Our commitment starts from design and continues through production, offering you comprehensive engineering assistance.
    • CAD-Assisted Design: Benefit from meticulous design accuracy through CAD technology, guaranteeing precision in every detail.
    • Diverse Material and Finish Options: Choose from an extensive range of materials and finishes to achieve the desired performance and aesthetics for your springs.
    • Global Reach: Our wide-reaching manufacturing and distribution capabilities enable us to serve clients on a global scale, providing seamless solutions wherever you are located.
    • Prototype to Production: Whether it's a small prototype run or a large-scale production, we cater to projects of all sizes with the same dedication and attention to detail.
Elevate your projects with our custom spring expertise and experience the advantage of precision, reliability, and tailored solutions.